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Romero helps golf grow in Argentina

CARMEL, Ind. (AP) It's been 20 years since Eduardo Romero's first European Tour victory, and he's had a lot of success since then.

The 55-year-old from Argentina rates his win at last year's U.S. Senior Open as his most significant because it gave him a confidence boost.

`It's my favorite tournament,'' he said. ``It's the more important tournament in my life.'' Romero said his win was important for golf in his country, his hometown of Cordoba and Latin America as a whole. He can't help but get excited when reminded of his victory. ``I feel very good, just like a movie in my head,'' he said.

``When I start to play golf, I'm thinking of my town and my family and everything.'' He said golf is increasingly popular in Argentina and rivals soccer as the nation's favorite sport.

He said there are 125 courses in the capital city, Buenos Aires. ``Probably a couple years ago, the first game in Argentina, it was soccer, and now it's golf,'' he said. ``Golf is going up and up.''

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