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Golf & Fishing in Argentina

Argentina is one of the best places where you can combine excellent Golf with the best fly-fishing places of the world, lodging in a luxury resort with amazing views of the Andes, lakes and forests,enjoying the famous argentine steak and red wines

The larger rivers will remind you of the Madison, Gallatin, or Yellowstone rivers. The smaller ones will bring back memories of smaller creeks and headwaters.

In Patagonia it’s likely that the only other fishermen you will see on the river are those you bring along. In addition to the rivers and lakes previously mentioned your guide may take you to remote, virtually unexplored waters where fish have never seen an imitation fly..

The fish naturally assume that your imitation is the real thing. Days with 40 or more trout per rod are not uncommon..

With Patagonia Golf & travel packages, we guarantee only first class services, luxury accommodation, the best rounds of Golf and the challenge of going after big rainbow and brown trout is exciting. ..

More information at www.patagoniagolf.com


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